#4Randy Donations


Randy Bagg, a friend of Jack’s from his hometown Bradford was only 20 years old when he lost his battle with depression to suicide.  After this tragedy occurred, Randy’s family wanted to help others in raising awareness about mental health so they created #4Randy.  It is a donation service that puts all money towards mental health research.  They also host an annual golf tournament at the Bradford Highlands where thousands of dollars get put towards mental health.  Jack is a big supporter of mental health studies and the Bagg family so at all of his shows he has #4RANDY BREAK THE SILENCE bracelets available to anyone for a donation price of their own choosing.  Help the cause by donating here with the “donate” button or by coming to a live show to get your own #4Randy bracelet.

4randy bracelet


Any donation price of your choosing will go to the #4RANDY BREAK THE SILENCE foundation for mental health research, come on out to a live show to get your own bracelet 🙂