In-House Gear: No extra cost, only available with Jack as the session engineer.

Mixer- Tascam Model 24
Amplifier- Behringer NU3000 iNUKE
Speakers- Yorkville YX15, Yorkville YX10 10” (2), TC Helicon Personal PA Monitor & Vocal Processor (2)
Dynamic Microphones- AKG D112, Sennheiser e602, Sennheiser MD 421-II, Sennheiser e906 (2), Shure Green Bullet, Shure Super 55, Shure Beta 57A, Lewitt DTP 340 TT (3)
Condenser Microphones- AKG C451 B, AKG C1000S, Aston Spirit (Multi-Pattern), Audio Technica AT20 (2), Lewitt LCT 040 Matched Pair (2)
DAW- Pro Tools 2020 12.0, Reaper V6.21,
Computer Specs- PC, i9 Processor, 256 GB Ram, 2 TB Storage
Interface/Preamps- Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre, ART Tube Opto 8, ART Headamp 6 Pro
Monitor Speakers- Yamaha HS7 (2)
Headphones- AKG K712, AKG K240 MK-II, Audio Technica ATH-M35

Equipment Rental: $20 for basic PA setup, up to an 8-piece band.

PA/Mixer, Monitor Speakers, Vocal Mics, DI and Cables.

Mixer- Yamaha MW12C
Amplifier- Yorkville CR5 (2x250W @4Ohm)
Speakers- Traynor TC410 4X10” (2), Yorkville YX10 10” (2)
Microphones- Shure SM 48, Shure SM 57 (2), Shure SM 58 (2), Shure Beta 58A, Shure PG48, Sennheiser e835, Sennheiser XS Wireless 1
DI- Radial JDI Passive Direct Box, Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 (Active 2-Channel DI Box/Splitter)
Cables- XLR, Speaker Cable, 1/4” Instrument Cable

Instrument Rental

Upright Piano (Free)
Electone Mini Organ ($10)

*Drum Kits ($15)- Yamaha Rocktour 5-Piece, Pearl Export Custom 5-Piece
Guitar Amp ($10)- Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Deluxe 85
Bass Amp/Cabs ($10)- Peavey TKO 115S 80-Watt 1×15 Bass Combo, Ampeg SVT 810E
Miscellaneous Percussion/Wind ($5)- Didgeridoo, Rain Stick, Congas, Bongos, Steel Pan Drum, Claves, Shakers, Tambourines, Jaw Harps, Kazoo, Train Whistle, Harmonicas, Irish Whistle, Recorder

*only kit shells and throne, bring your own breakables if possible (stands, cymbals)

*Must sign gear agreement upon booking*