For the Humboldt Broncos

I wrote a song yesterday that kind of just came out all at once. It’s titled, “A Nation’s Heart,” and is dedicated to the players, families and community of the Humboldt Broncos. The tragedy last weekend was so intense that I wasn’t really able to reflect on it honestly until yesterday. I spent 4 years of my life playing junior hockey, staying in hotels, travelling thousands of kilometres by bus with my teammates and living away from home with billet families who embraced me and supported me as though I was one of their own. Those are some of my most cherished memories, so it just breaks my heart to see the 16 lives that ended, innocently doing what they loved.

In addition to the overwhelming sorrow, a powerful thing I took away from this awful accident was how much our country truly loves the sport of hockey and the remarkable, unbreakable sense of community that it creates, from coast to coast to coast.  Nothing could ever make up for the losses sustained, but the coming together of our entire country makes me proud to be Canadian and will help us all heal.  Anyway, this song is for you, Humboldt–we stand for thee.


A nation weeps today, for the boys who loved to play
The game we were all raised upon, just some kids chasing dreams
Voice in my head is screaming, oh God, this can’t be real
Wake me now, wake me now, God please

No rhyme or reason to take away
From the nightmare, it’s not fair
Ride on Broncos, we’ll meet one day again
Our sticks outside will wait for you til then

A nation’s heart, bleeds for families
A nation’s heart, broken by broken dreams
A nation’s heart, hurts so badly
A nation’s heart, Humboldt we stand for thee